Orb Premieres: September 2023

Lingering in the growing autumnal shadow, we steadfastly await for or, already at some places, experience the gentle, exhilarating breeze and gaze upon the soothing colors of the cloudy sky and falling nature. In this strangely appealing era of collective recollection and new beginnings, we find ourselves amidst an equally colorful palette, which is complemented by nineteen tracks on our Orb Premieres: September 2023.

TM Shuffle & Electranica – Into The Night (Slow Dance Version)

TM Shuffle and Electranica worked on an edit of “Into The Night,” heading to a smoother dub direction which provides, throughout the duration, a seductive and sensual feeling based on its sense-roaming, low-tempo groove and warm, embracing vocals. The “Into The Night” version with the original composition is on the B-Side of Soulful Dubs 01 EP out on Soulful Dubs.

Kmyle – Kinetical Rhythm (Vril Remix)

Vril’s reform of Kmyle’s “Kinetical Rhythm” traverses with heavily slammin kicks over a transcendental and calibrated beat, obtaining energy from vibrant oscillations and surprising with dazzling melodic bursts for a highly energetic and spirit-liberating dance-floor motif. This remix is part of the Obsession EP on Kmyle’s own label.

Viikatory – UFO

Viikatory’s “UFO” prepares for an extraterrestrial landing employing electro splashes, swooshing gravitational gusts, accelerated by flashing galactic probes, and having the percussive clashes, shaped by crooked bangs and chromatic drops, emit corrupting distortions. Out through Austrian label TRUST’s What The A.I. Decides EP.

Jonathan Fitoussi & Suzanne Ciani – Oceanium

Suzanne Ciani and Jonathan Fitoussi join forces for “Oceanium,” a collaborative saga crafted with fluid oceanic waveforms that reach out to the golden coast, mirroring and gathering nature’s reflections and sounds in an attempt to build a soothing and oneiric sonic landscape. “Oceanium” is found on the joint album Golden Apples of the Sun on the Parisian Transversales Disques catalog. For more regarding this LP, read our In Focus feature with the dynamic duo.

Deepbass – Neist (Reggy Van Oers Rework)

Reggy Van Oers reimagining of Deepbass’ “Neist” is a slow elevation up to stratospheric heights, inhaling the radiant cosmic energy and orbiting as a solemn and isolated conduit along the borders between the living, vibrant biosphere and the universe’s unknown. This rework is part of the Deepbass’ Inward Remixes album, out via Informa Records.

VNTM – Dissonance Is Bliss

VNTM’s “Dissonance Is Bliss” is mainly led by firm kicks and granite pounding while addressing acidic climaxes and reflexes, cliff-like cuts, and a groovy yet volcanic tempo that spreads an ashen haze. Found on the self-titled EP, a part of the ARTS Collective label catalog.

fatalism – Gh0st II

Highly atmospheric keys, a discreet background noise, methodical pauses and the sound of a writing pen develop a dream-like state in “Gh0st II” from fatalism, and a rite that summons an otherworldly presence, a muse existing on another realm and remains by the side of the producer’s creative process, guiding, embracing, and cultivating. The track is from the debut album Gh0st of Bedouin Records founder’s new project named fatalism.

Clarence Rise – Anesthetic

Clarence Rise’s “Anesthetic” brings howling echoes to an organic tapestry crafted by crystallized and floating elemental grains as the electrifying percussion creaks incorporate energetic currents to the liquefying and profoundly rhythmic environment. This track is from the VA collection LANDSCAPES . JUNGLE . shimmer from Polygonia’s independent label QEONE.

Zemög – Jireta

Zemög’s “Jireta” is a warm, ritualistic, and dream-like sonic experience gracefully weaved in-depth, perspective, and reach to properly manifest trippy textures in absolute synchronization with our inner consciousness while providing the means for a spiraling body expression through contemplative movement that leaves traces of an ever-expanding veil. “Jireta” is taken from the Daxita album on Argentinian Danza Nativa.

Fabio Monesi – Jack The Crow

Fabio Monesi’s “Jack The Crow” is a rekindling of the past, feelgood vibes of the house music era, woven in proper old-school tapestry and armed with dance-floor tints and stiff percussion spasms with distinctively flirtatious hats. This track is one of the eight on Fabio’s Piano Vandals full album, released on Brooklyn’s L.I.E.S. Records.

Alfred Czital & Vand – Nnt

Alfred Czital’s and Vand’s collaborative track “Nnt” is a nostalgic, highly rhythmic projection of the ’90s well-rounded and innovative electronic sound, blending zoning groovy backdrops, slips, and spins with quirky sonic speckles and a futuristic fuel matter. “Nnt” is extracted from P.J.M EP from Alfred’s Harmony Rec. catalog, with all the tracks made by these two producers.

VC-118A – The Deep

VC-118A introduces us to his refined and tasteful creation called “The Deep,” a cosmic drive made by firmly layered arrangements of a cinematic fabric that explores the vast infinity beyond the stars among hovering probes and spirit-propulsion echoes. This track is the second of Samuel van Dijk’s full-length album Waves of Change, out via Delsin Records.

Miles Otto – CV Swizzly (Plant43 Remix)

Plant 43 takes the wheel on the progression of Miles Otto’s “CV Swizzly” by starting the engines with icy, synth-fueled atmospheric odes, encircled by synchronized metallic fizzles, dashing mystical pitches, and genuine electro percussion. This track is in Miles Ottod Skitter EP on UK’s Ritual Poison.

Hydrous – Cascade (Forest On Stasys Remix)

Forest on Stasys relives Hydrous’ “Cascade” with an uplifting remix, which seamlessly relocates itself among a contrast of simplistic surface and dense background to induce granular hypnotism on a discreetly distorted environment, pushing to reach out to an alarming drop for a change of pace to a faster, organic fusion. After three original tracks, this take is the closing chapter of Infinite EP, available on Sweden’s Navigare Audio.

Bas Dobbelaer – Binding Elements

In Bas Dobbelaer’s “Binding Elements,” we dive into its ambiance dubby foundation, softly approaching its depths by the urge of slow recurring swings, all the while being surrounded in this swim by unseen drips and bells for a mind-soothing experience. The track is extracted from the Binding Elements LP and released by the Netherlandish label SoHaSo’s (Something Happening Somewhere).

Santaka – Xram (Marco Shuttle Remix)

Marco Shuttle twists Santaka’s “Xram” with prancing and temporal rhythmic pinches while methodical incantations of jungle aestheticism and hypnotic components sway vibrantly through atmospherically graded tones. The release, Xram EP, having this remix, is on Lithuanian’s Radio Vilnius label catalog.

Justin Walter – New Pads

Kranky welcomes Justin Walter’s newest album Destroyer, out of which comes “New Pads,” a track that relies on an overall minimalistic approach to conjure a harmonic and ethereal feeling, complemented by delaying, echoing pads to, ultimately, prompt elegant saxophonic notes for an illustrious symphony.

Toki Fuko – 9128

Toki Fuko with “9128” sets on a trip to the endless and blurry horizon, straight from the scars of the Earth, riding the sonic tremors from the murky and deepest organic strata to the piercing of the destination’s thick, vapory walls. This creation is one of the five in MBM’s VA collection Imprints.

TOHT – On Da Clock

In “On Da Clock” with serene tribalistic vibes, TOHT emits reggae pulsations to upheave the indigenous African Caribbean roots as the rhythm tempts the senses with its slow and delicate waving. The track is part of the Addendum EP.