Orb Premieres: February 2024

With the passing of February, the wintry veil is slowly being lifted off. After a period of well-earned numbness, the creativity in the studios has started to earn its rightful place. The announcements, too, are starting to increase whether about records or performances. In that manner, many new tracks were received and exciting collaborations were established, providing an extended list of twenty-nine premieres in our channel. Thus, our February premiere summary is full of mood swings and compositional variety, having a track for each day of the passing month.

Chrome Country – But Wait

Casting off spiralling noisy and vocal hues, Chrome Country’s “But Wait” shifts into a prolonged and serene ambient allure invoking the spiritual stillness of early dawn. “But Wait,” is found on Mono-Phonos EP on Menta Records.

Wrecked Lightship – Sunken Skies

Slimy basslines, staggering bursts of percussive micropatterns, and liquidating melodies form an unbreakable compound for Wrecked Lightship’s artificial “Sunken Skies” to nourish and reveal their iridescent colours. “Sunken Skies” is out on Antiposition LP from Peak Oil.

FLAWS – Hyperlink

FLAWS’ mysterious undertones swarm in the subterranean microcosm of “Hyperlink,” exploring its cold fathoms and cavernous layers with their steadily forceful dynamism. “Hyperlink” is part of the Interconnected EP from Kvalia Records.

BAUR – Terowongan Jadi Underpass

Within a textural grandeur, BAUR’s “Terowongang Jadi Underpass” abundance and flow of elements carve a passage amidst otherworldly inter-contrasting sounds that induce a ceremonial-like sense of uneasiness. The track is in the Pecundang EP on the Indonesian label DIVISI62.

Nørus – Synaptic Grids

Amidst the dystopic aura surrounding the bleak and barren soundscapes, the artificial sounds of Nørus’ “Synaptic Grids,” strip off any remaining tension and organicity with their slow tempo and synthetic waves. “Synaptic Grids” is available on the A Permanent Lapse Of Memory EP on Code Selections Records’ catalogue.

Sortlegeme – Countless Eyes

In “Countless Eyes,” Sortlegeme develops a soft progression towards the lone aetheric heights, braving the distance under the watchful airy ambience while lightly stepping on lucid, elemental cobblestones. “Countless Eyes” is released on Barkhausen Recordings’ They Are Many LP.

Garber – Las Guerras Mienten

“Las Guerras Mienten” is a slow fade-and-sway nocturnal symphony of low keys and gravitational reverberations used by Garber, who continuously shifts and reforms its atmospheric strata. The track is part of Indefinite Pitch’s Selected Works. Series 3 compilation.

Forest On Stasys – Sunken

Warping vibrations and crystalline cuts push “Sunken” into the depths as Forest On Stasys channels energetic rays of enveloped intensity to awaken the dormant hats for a hypnotic whirlwind. “Sunken” is one of the four tracks on Forsvarlig Arkiv’s Arkiv I compilation.

Mentrat Noihr – Masquerade (Polygonia Remix)

Polygonia’s stroboscopic take on Mentrat Noihr’s “Masquerade” harnesses the bouncing currents of the original composition to induce fervour through impulsive drives and groovily organic drips, in par with vivid loops and intense syncopation. Polygonia’s “Masquerade” remix is found on Mentrat Noihr’s Masquerade EP of SF Records.

Viclan – Self Manifest

Deep into the heavy-pumped electro territory, packed with freshened old-school sound features, Viclan’s “Self Manifest” fuses wobbling arrangements of ardent rhythmicality and funky sub-loops guaranteed to cause fractures on the dancefloor. The track is from Viclan’s self-titled Self Manifest EP on UK’s R&S Records.

DYL – Glasshouse 4

DYL’s melancholic downpour in “Glasshouse 4” lies on the roaming metallic cymbals while echoes of their agitated signals venture into the unsettling hollowness of a forsaken ruin, evoking a poignant reminiscence.  “Glasshouse 4” is available on Detach Recordings’ Glasshouse EP.

Toupaz – Winnowing

In “Winnowing”’s everchanging yet surprising environment, Toupaz confidently builds a spicy sonic structure of different tones and patterns on a multilayered canvas framed within an experimentational outline. “Winnowing” is one of the fourteen tracks of Eclipse Tribez’s OUIII compilation.

AADJA – Pyrocbs

Pumping percussion and distorted grips find their way to push through magnetising breaks, as AADJA’s terraforming on planet “Pyrocbs” goes through an unconventional frequency-twisting turbulence. “Pyrocbs” is taken from the Pyrocbs LP which is out on Trip Recordings.

JK Flesh – Human Nature (Reeko Remix)

Reeko’s mesmerizing retouch of JK Flesh’s “Human Nature” employs within a hypnotic reach a granite-heavy pounding, causing extensive tremors while traversing the blazing industrial soundscapes and exposing the track’s intricate inner design. That remix is part of JK Flesh’s Veneer of Tolerance remix album on KR3 Records.

yutani – Insectoid

yutani’s innovative mechanical blend of sequential precision and crisp drumming fabricated “Insectoid,” a pulsating creation that gradually drifts around in search of its next compatible vessel, exuding an aura that is both tempting and unsettling. yutani’s “Insectoid” is found on Machines & Biomechanoids EP on FERMA’s catalogue.

Jaufenpass – Ricordo#2

From the organic ground to the upper planes and everything in between, Jaufenpass’ immersive “Ricordo#2” merges in slow, ethereal harmony all those contradicting, diverse, and constantly evolving particles by finding a common language for all to accompany each other in sync. “Ricordo#2” is on Cloud’s Eye LP on Shimmering Moods Records.

Rejoicer – I Think This is Reasonable

Delicately touching the warm pads to generate joyful melodies and support the uplifting beat, Rejoicer conjures a peaceful mood in “I Think This is Reasonable” engaging the listener with its slow and cathartic loops. That track is on the self-titled This Is Reasonable LP of Circus Company.

POD – Spacer

POD’s “Spacer” relies on a slow delivery of hypnotic trance-like vibes to form a mind-draining hallucination, enabling reality to merge with the asynchronous projections of the subconscious. “Spacer” is part of the Spacer EP on the Australian label Kinetic Vision.

Franck Vigroux – L.A. Live

Franck Vigroux’s “L.A. Live” exquisitely captures the essence of an enchanting retro aesthetic, charmingly encompassing mellow synthesised sounds that provide an apt accompaniment to the most soothing and peaceful dreams. “L.A. Live” is taken from Grand Bal LP on the French imprint Aesthetical.

Elayn – Khatimeh

Commencing as a subtly enigmatic tune and quickly turning into a euphoric sequence of chimes and atmospheric winds, Elayn’s “Khatimeh” progresses to an abrupt and positive mood change through delicately light textures. “Khatimeh” is from the latest Elayn LP Enhiar, out via MANJAM Records.

Ai – Aruki Ikura (Electric Indigo Remix)

Under the shadow of the pompous bassline, Electric Indigo’s remix of Ai’s “Aruki Ikura” leads to a tender musical embrace where each instrumental note and machine-generated sound set the tone for a journey that is both uplifting and inspiring. That Ai’s “Aruki Ikura” remix is part of Mischpoke #2 compilation on Hauch Records.

Cedric Vermue – Patterns (Donato Dozzy Rework)

Emerging from a core woven from a dense fabric, Donato Dozzy’s reimagining of Cedric Vermue’s “Patterns” implements serene keys atop stinging cuts until the rolling beat and granular marks come into play, further enhancing the lusciously blissful sonic palette. Donatto Dozzy’s remix of Cedric Vermue’s track is on Patterns Reworks 12” EP of Mylja Records.

Echodive – Luxx

Smooth as velvet and soft as a cloud, “Luxx” from Echodive brims with sentimental timbres and drives led by a broken percussive act under the cold beams of revolving bleeps. “Luxx” is available on Echodive’s self-titled Luxx EP on Mystictrax Records.

Andrey Kiritchenko – Autumn Is Riding On Horseback

Playful low-tempo organicalities adorn the heart of “Autumn Is Riding On Horseback” by Andrey Kiritchenko, exuding an intricate and comforting interplay between radiant tunefulness and romantic eclecticism. That track is found on Maria LP, out via UK’s Touched Music.

Amkarahoi – Chininga

Slowly approaching from afar, “Chininga”’s chimes gracefully flood Amkarahoi’s hazy surroundings, absorbing with poise and elegance the recurring energetic flickers reflected on earthly surfaces that glisten in the dim light. “Chininga” is available on Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine LP on the Newyorkese imprint Impatience.

Foreign Material – Saturnian Dub

The dubby grooves in Foreign Material’s “Saturnian Dub” lull the towering primordial trees into a sophisticatedly swaying motion as the persistent tapping draws out and evaporates the aqueous frequencies from the soil bed, creating a meditative environment. “Saturnian Dub” is taken from the upcoming Saturnian EP on Navigare Audio.

Nickon Faith – Digital Moss (FROND Remix)

Assembling the edgy cuts with fast-paced pulsations, FROND’s adventurous remix of Nickon Faith’s “Digital Moss” rides the sparkling acid bumps and confronts the spaced-out melodies with rigid thuds. That “Digital Moss” remix is from the self-titled Digital Moss EP on Manual Smiles.

Adhémar – Radiance In The Eyes

Adhémar’s “Radiance In The Eyes”’s harmonious swinging renders a calming auditory experience, reciting in graceful expression the mystical language of nature that pervades the untouched wilderness. “Radiance In The Eyes” is part of Deflection Music’s Compendium Vol.2 compilation.

A. Brehme – Celestial

Heavy pounds boost forth A. Brehme’s “Celestial” and effectively drill its path through narrow corridors to the subterranean wobbly lakes as the pulsating bassline causes periodic fissures in its wake. A. Brehme’s “Celestial” is available on Peaou002 EP on the Belgian imprint Peaou.