Orb Premieres: April 2024

April, one of the most vibrant months, graciously provided once more the scenery for lasting sensory experiences. Offering, in most places, its natural vigour, one can smoothly lose themselves in its environmental abundance. For those who are able to appreciate such splendour, the month can be truly stimulative. The same goes for the artists, DJs, and producers who find themselves amidst a buzzing scene and general motion. With their inspiration flowing and interactions opening up, it is no wonder that we have another rich list in the Orb Premiere section. This time, the list contains thirty tracks in total, each capturing a snapshot of the producers’ emotions, pulsations, and connectedness.

Stefan Goldmann – Helicon

Upon non-linear sonic layouts, Stefan Goldmann’s “Helicon” mystical symmetry traverses the frequential non-linearity barriers to conjure an alluringly layered grid. “Helicon” is from Goldmann’s Alluvium full-length album on Macro imprint.

Wave Arising – Subconscience

“Subconscience” from Wave Arising is a primitive-like piece, which channels, in waves, a boundless, numbing spiritual force of highly atmospheric hypnotic patterns and secluded, ethereal vocal fadings. That track is part of (The) Rooted Sky digital album on the Ransom Note Records catalogue.

Kerrie – Ode To The D

Shimmering with futuristic arrangements and synthetic flashes, Kerrie’s “Ode To The D” is carrying out a mission to reconcile an artificial funk grooviness with synching human-backed adjustments in a fresh take on an old-school techno palette. “Ode To The D” can be found on Machine Alliance EP on Tresor Records.

Cuddling Monsters – Lucky Star

Venturing into a captivating yet thick atmospheric mist, airy paddings and swirling rhythmical motifs slowly ramp up on Cuddling Monsters’ “Lucky Star,” presenting a mysterious interior covered by sentimental drills and a tender bassline. That track is from CM Vol. 01 EP on MASK Records.

AK-One – Still There

A feeling of the clear night sky and the vibrations of the forces generated by the movement of the stars, “Still There” from AK-One is a depiction, as warm as balanced, on an auditory canvas of those sensory inputs. That is one of the thirteen compositions of Nothing Grows In A Straight Line full-length album on Bristol’s Common Ancestors.

Karcelen – Kokubo (Roger Gerressen Remix)

Roger Gerressen’s take on Karcelen’s “Kokubo” explores the deeper, more forceful layers and dynamics in a relaxing journey of house-inspired sensations, maintaining an upbeat tempo throughout its vigorous course. The remix is one of the six on Karcelen’s Jazzpanese Remixes EP on Dreams On Wax.

The Fires Of Ork – Gebirge (2024 Remaster)

The enhanced sound of The Fires Of Ork’s “Gebirge” commences its renewed orbit into the distant borders of outer space, eloquently presenting its vast darkness with swarming ambience and otherworldly field noises. “Gebirge” is found on the remastered The Fires Of Ork album.

Brainwave Research Center – Big Moonlight

“Big Moonlight” is a fine-tuned harmonic piece of Brainwave Research Center, introduced by pitched synths and shrill chimes on a contrasting surface of recurring distorted tonality and cheerful ambivalence. “Big Moonlight” is taken from Feel Free LP.

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – A Light That Never Goes Out

In a light and euphoric motion, Benjamin Philippe Zulauf’s “A Light That Never Goes Out” is tempted by the forceful pounding to sway over uplifting modules, veiled strings and mellifluous envelopments. “A Light That Never Goes Out” is from In a Sea of Random Noise EP on Hummingbird.

Les Cyclades – Epigone

Split in half lest united by a vibrant, alluring eclecticism, Les Cyclades’ “Epigone” alleviating loops mingle with a cool-breeze synth symphony passing the relay to an energetic portrayal of sweet, summerish echoes of an idyllic, Cycladic canvas. That track is from Glika LP on Hi Scores.

Owelle – Corrosive

Hooked on sharp and twisted cuts on a fast-paced ramp of aggressive percussion and trippy slings, Owelle’s “Corrosive” unbound format sets its passionate expedition through an entrancing dance floor-oriented soundscape. “Corrosive” is from the three-track Entwined Synergies EP on Creaked.

Tagliabue – Śāntra

The descent into “Śāntra”‘s abyssal depths calls forth Tagliabue’s captivating patterns to envelop the psyche in their seducing, slow-trance circular motifs, suppressing the awareness by inducing a multiplicity of elemental ambience. That track is found on Abisso EP on the Subject To Restrictions Discs imprint.

Launaea – Eaux

Swarming with euphoric and colourful hues wholly aligned with a pleasant springtime vibe, Launaea’s “Eaux” delivers soothing, warm currents while promoting a clean and subtle take on artificial and organic interconnectedness. “Eaux” is part of the ACCENTVA008 compilation on Accents Records.

Bleu Noir – Emergence Of Details

Bleu Noir’s “Emergence of Details” employs a warping spectrum of pitched distortions and noisy background streams, manifesting an abstract sonic contortion for conscious invigoration. That track is on the Naviguer à vue EP on Low Volume Randomization.

Clint – Exosphere (Oceania Mix)

Brimming with fresh and colourful textures from blissful ambience to soothing grooves, Clint presents in “Exosphere”‘s Oceania mix an airy and lucid conjunction of ethereal planes, shaping a comforting palette. That mix is taken from the Exosphere EP out on Slowciety.

Das Ende der Liebe – Violetta (Deadbeat’s Lucky 7 Drum Dub)

A cruise on clap-driven beats, “Violetta”‘s Deadbeat’s Lucky 7 Drum Dub from Das Ende Der Liebe showcases a perfectly shaped balance between a subtle tribalistic impression and fine-tuned granular bursts. That track is from the collaborative MINT / VIOLETTA Remixes EP on Anunaki Tabla.

Tul Waitoonkiat – Nueng Kamtham (Sleep D Remix)

Sleep D embellishes Tul Waitoonkiat’s “Nueng Kamtham” energetic streams with a windingly hypnotic tempo and igneous bassline tremors, infusing circular rave-like patterns in its mystifyingly mixed substance. This Sleep D’s remix is on Tul Waitoonkiat’s Nueng Kamtham EP on Siamese Twins Records’ catalogue.

Hironori Takahashi – Exars (Erika Remix)

In Erika’s envisionment of Hironori Takahashi’s “Exars,” the bouncing percussive patterns slither through the bumpingly fluctuational pumps, harmonizing the waning keys with the flooding buzzings in an axis of polished syncopation. “Exars” is taken from On Board Music’s Point C – Remixes compilation.

Alex Dolby – Ghost

Blending pitched background screeches with an enticing kick formation, Alex Dolby’s nocturnal gradations scatter over “Ghost”‘s shifting foundation for an immersively consistent sonic flow. “Ghost” is part of Multiple Visions LP on Sequenzial Shift.

shjva – Psy-Fi Alien Dub

Firmly traversing through cosmic archways, shjva’s “Psy-Fi Alien Dub” is a slow-paced, futuristic trance symphony performing its arbitrary, space-dub route while spreading its starlight-imbued tunes in the galactic vacuum. “Psy-Fi Alien Dub” is on WAR1209 out on Berlin’s Warning imprint.

Immersif – The Creative Act

Immersif’s means of expression in “The Creative Act” lean on an evocative mixture of old-school house motifs with scratches and drum ‘n’ bass figurations, relaying its message with a clean vocal background in par with soothing and sparse keys. That track is on the homonymous The Creative Act EP on Sengiley Recordings.

Ina Kacz – Similitude

Ina Kacz’s innervating organic structure finds its rightful place in “Similitude” tampering with mesmerizingly dynamic drives and dripping, atmospheric arrangements to conjure a tremulous yet uplifting soundscape. “Similitude” is from Ina Kacz’s debut EP Endless on Aneelhi Records.

Lucid Void – Vision

Lucid Void’s slow-burning loops in “Vision” spark a sense of progressively elevated interconnectedness as they timidly alternate between temporal, abstract spiritual visions and swaying corporeal eloquence. “Vision” is part of Inner EP on Benthic’s release catalogue.

Taylor Deupree – Snow/Sand (For Clarinets, Vibraphone, Cello & Percussion)

A defiant compositional tranquillity lies within the core of Taylor Deupree’s Snow/Sand (For Clarinets, Vibraphone, Cello & Percussion) acoustic chambers, outlying a tender and warm eulogy which projects a conscious intimacy with delicate tonal depths. That track is from the self-released Sti​.​ll LP.

Elias Garcia – Haumea

Elias Garcia’s “Haumea” emits, from its submerged state, recurring hypnotic pulsations on heavy-hitting kicks, intentionally making room for atmospheric openings and creating a contrasting feeling of unease and comfort. “Haumea” is on Mind Games Recordings’ Tabletten, Vol. VII compilation.

Alderaan – Light Escape

Consisting of syncopating cuts and stern percussion, Alderaan’s “Light Escape” maintains a fervent rhythmicality which constantly collides with warped noise hues, forming an indestructible granite-like amalgam. That track is in the Genesis EP out via Decay Of Reason.

Atomic Moog – Quad Phase

Within creaky surroundings, Atomic Moog’s “Quad Phase” stretches its contorted existence through rippling spins to the edge of the transcendental perimeter, pushing mildly in a sequentially expansive mood. “Quad Phase” is part of Qilla Records’ Chakravyūh compilation.

Giuseppe Leonardi – Wondering

In a projection of a primitive-like groove with a massive bassline and tribalistic drumming, Giuseppe Leonardi’s “Wondering” has an extended choreographic motif of psychedelic infusions and playful oscillations. “Wondering” is on the 7 vinyl EP on Unsure.

DMX Krew – Continuation

DMX Krew’s “Continuation” has its upbeat funk enveloped in an imaginatively ecstatic format, combining tuneful synth clips with a distinctively crafted mixture of light textural variations and percussive consistency. That track is in Unlikely Seeming LP on Byrd Out’s catalogue.

Mersel – High Plateaus

From a suppressed ambience microcosm, Mersel’s “High Plateaus” gradually emerges with bouncing echoes, escaping its layered vastness while transmitting a fading bleeping signal towards a liberating cosmic vessel. “High Plateaus” is found on the Biome EP on Lyon’s Cosmic Wave Records.