Orb Premieres: May 2024

In contrast with the ongoing crises, May provided a smooth, yet not so quick, seasonal transition via many creative activities and showcases in a breathable environment. Whether in extended club nights, performances, demonstrations, exhibitions, or open spaces, the escape hindered there provided the artists with the means to expose their work, convey their messages, and enjoy a sense of relief. The Spring’s flow, from the beginning, had plenty of moods and themes in the compositions hosted in our Orb Premiere list. While others emitted straightforwardness for a dance-floor escapade, others relied on a more comforting side. Both, however, are necessary for ailing our interloping and opposing state of affairs – a deliverance in some strange mental way. So, without further ado, we present the twenty new tracks collected this month for the latest premiere summary.

Ashwell Woodland – A Grey and Sudden Pour

An airy tune looms on the horizon of Ashwell Woodland’s “A Grey and Sudden Pour,” reflecting the ambience generated by the primitive beauty of the gracious and serene movements of nature’s lively vibrations. That track is part of Ashwell’s Timid Expanse LP on Reclusive Strategies.

Vilhelm – Auto

With its dubbish breakbeat manoeuvres and smooth atmospherical harmonies, Vilhelm’s “Auto” captures the euphoric yet fleeting sensation of a confident mind’s journey into an impulsive, highly emotional retrospection. “Auto” is from the split Auto / It’s Raining (Sativa) EP on Bristol’s Rezonant Body.

Palomatic – Flutter

A vastly soulful blend brimming with sensibility and elegance, Palomatic’s “Flutter” highlights a peaceful evolutionary intertwining between organic and artificial aspects while absorbing currents are springing from well-timed synthesiser peaks. “Flutter” is on the Trill LP only re-release on Feedback Waves.

Blue Hour – Afterglow

Blue Hour’s “Afterglow” plunges into the prime-time early-rave spectrum, where, amidst background warping recurrence and wobbling frequential fibres, synchronises with light, mood-elevating techniques. That track is part of Omni [Part 1] compilation on Blue Hour Music.

Polygonia – Akkala

In Polygonia’s “Akkala,” mystifyingly subtle tribalistic motifs are delicately weaved into a rhythmical percussive complexity, enduring through their tonal placement the ongoing dynamism of the nervy and sharp puncturing. This one is part of the four-track Harmony Rec.’s EC137 compilation.

Janka – Zakuty Dub

The carefree aura surrounding Janka’s “Zakuty Dub” setting evokes joyful swings between the balancing of groove-inducing vocal loops, bass-driven tempo pumps, and late-night-tranquillity pad formations. “Zakuty Dub” is from Veni Didi WiFi Dub / Lonely Dancer Dub / Zakuty Dub EP on The Moth Club.

Chikara Aoshima – Hypnopompic Hallucinations

Strolling through the mist of Chikara Aoshima’s “Hypnopompic Hallucinations”  rose by his serene and eerie sonic contemplation, an unexpected and welcoming shift takes place, as the cheerful sound of tribal organs emerges midway, provoking the thrill of a lost paradise discovery. That track is on the self-released Close Down LP.

Federsen – Polarity (Hidden Sequence Remix)

Nurturing tastefully refined, minimalistic dubby circulations, Hidden Sequence’s take on Federsen’s “Polarity” applies dance floor-ready warm backups and stimulating drives set on rolling reverberations and throbbing motifs. That remix is on the Positive Charge split EP on Alt/Dub.

COLA REN – Dusk Piper

COLA REN’s “Dusk Piper” stands out for its haunting touches that fill the gaps formed by the periodic intervals of its breakbeat core patterns, rousing with its crispy character while maintaining a figurative outline. That track is in the Forest Drone EP on QEONE.

Aria Rostami – Gandom

By merging distinct oriental tinctures with densely-pulsating textures, Aria Rostami brings forth a revitalising notion in “Gandom” which generates a highly energetic rhythmicality and is further decorated with faint granular tints, swarming like sand in a desert wind. “Gandom” is from Aria’s Water from the River LP.

Aja – Thêtâme

Shining through its lush organic ambience, Aja’s soothing touches in “Thêtâme” create an ethereal, deeply meditational structure in which mind and spirit become one with nature’s various breaths. That track is from Ajasph​è​re Vol​.​IILP on Clé – Grand Musique Management.

Jek & Source Effect – Beetle Beat

Carried over by a transition from early tribalistic percussive rhythmicality to distorted and muddy bassline, “Beetle Beat” from Jek and Source Effect gradually progresses on liquidised breaks to obtain a trance-like volition. “Beetle Beat” is on Beetle Beat EP on Earth Dog Records.

Henry Greenleaf – Cafe Boogaloo

In this boundary-breaking and immersively groovy commotion, Henry Greenleaf’s “Cafe Boogaloo” employs hypnotic vocal samples on bouncy loops and warping arrangements to generate a vibrating sonic depth. Out through Henry Greenleaf’s Keepsake EP on Different Intel imprint.

Border One – Contour

Fueled by the resurfacing drumming patterns, the feverish tempo of Border One’s “Contour” blends with mesmerizingly deep pumps, blazing hat sequences, and ferocious coils for an intense yet stimulative effect. “Contour” is part of VA.02 on Cogo’s catalogue.

Dawn Razor & ArcheTech – Hg Yui

The heavy-beating pulsations in Dawn Razor and Archetech’s “Hg Yui” are embraced by warm, echoing synths, driven by electro sparks and twistedly daring strings towards an evocative straightforwardness. “Hg Yui” is available on the ten-track Half Life LP on Homage.

Duran Duran Duran – Ikaria

Riding a multitude of quirky tune-waves, Duran Duran Duran adorns “Ikaria” with contemporary and nineties-stemmed upbeat elements, bringing a cheerful tension throughout a radically mystical composition. That track is from Supernatural Beast City on Woodland Creatures.

Sevenbeatz – Open Mind

Sevenbeatz’s “Open Mind” is a soulful, cosmic-flow symphony transferred across with a consistent slow-rave pacing, leaving traces of euphoric chromaticism and relieving mid-tempo allure. That one is part of the twelve-track-long D​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​é​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​lices du Midi’s Fada Acamp Vol​​​.​​​2 compilation.

Toupaz – Summernights

Stepping on bewildering polyrhythmic realities and surrounded by a hammering delirium, Toupaz in “Summernights” masterfully governs the chaotic setting while showcasing a well-made controlling technique in the spewing synthetic sounds. “Summernights” is on Frantic Gestures EP on Eclipse Tribez.

James Devane – Lights Down Low

James Devane approaches “Lights Down Low” with a pure compositional freedom combined with a stripped-down directive, filling the intervals between the artificially-generated expanding space with technical excellence and deep, atmospheric layering. That track is in the Searching LP, out on Umeboshi.

Anthony Linell – Istedgade Speedball

The combination of heavy pounding and corrosive frequencies Anthony Linell implements in “Istedgade Speedball” shapes a robust, spiralling tempo with a hypnotically puncturing circuit while stylishly applying microgranular tinctures. “Istedgade Speedball” is one of the twenty-two tracks in Academeia’s Transparent World compilation.