Orb Premieres: March 2024

Standing between late winter blues and early spring ambience, March is as ambiguous as ambivalent. Thirty-one days elapsed bringing us closer to a colourful natural ambience. In such a mood and inspiration, the tracks delivered that month to our Orb Premiere channel vary in emotion. While some producers reflect the environmental rejuvenation, others stick to a more sensitive approach. Nevertheless, each of those, in context and summary, perfectly captures the mood brought by the season’s long awakening.

Zharkov – Layer 23

Zharkov’s “Layer 23” rides a groovily swinging mid-tempo wave, submerging into acoustically satisfying depths and emerging to swooshing heights. The track is part of the twenty-six-piece compilation in Synergy with UA available on Synergy Cult.

Bastien – Lapse

Patiently developing its delicate abstract, “Lapse” is Bastien’s experimentation on elemental hypnotic oscillations between soothing layers of drowning dubby ambience. “Lapse” is found on Temps Boro, Bastien’s upcoming album on red edge. 

Liam Costar – With New Hands Tear Silk (Anthony Linell Remix)

Anthony Linell’s perpetual drumming patterns fuel Liam Costar’s “With New Hands Tear Silk”, employing fading and screeching echoes that dissolve into feverishly microcosmic and dynamic bursts. That remix is taken from Liam Costar’s Pertinax (month 1) on Aythekos imprint.

Drew Schlesinger – Island

With romantically synthesised tunes and a meditative design, Drew Schlesinger’s “Island” draws its aesthetic from the dawn of electronic ambience to perform its soothing yet sentimental dance. “Island” is in Lost Childhood Vol.2 on the Emika Records catalogue.

MirrorLake – Passcode

MirrorLake’s “Passcode” is a conduit of perfectly balanced sludgy basslines, dub formations, and earth-deep organicity, foreboding a bio-sonic frequential dive into its heavily atmospheric core. “Passcode” is the epilogue to MirrorLake’s Moa EP on QEONE.

Molly – The News

In its steadily vibrant housy course, Molly’s “The News” uses minimal pads and tonalities that embrace after filling it with their melodic outlines, a relaxing and mood-lifting summerish canvas. That track is taken from Island Flow EP on stólar.

Skudge – Departure

Zestfully handling old-school sound complexions, Skudge presents in “Departure” highly rhythmic manoeuvres around stimulating hats and curvy quiverings in a properly dancing setup. “Departure” is part of the split-EP LRC003 between Skudge and 543ff on Lazy Reflex Complex.

Dot – Inside Out

Side by side, warping groove patterns and elasticated percussive outputs walk in Dot’s “Inside Out” pathway, impulsively attracted towards an uplifting and pulsating sonic tapestry. “Inside Out” is in the Drifting Away EP on Outlaw.

Ardalan & Farsight – Cerebral Peanut

Quirky and futuristic electrofunk visions storm the “Cerebral Peanut”’s surroundings and liquidate its barriers, as the collaborative work by Ardalan and Farsight captivates with its exemplary dynamic and electrifying design. That track is extracted from CDMUSIC010 EP on Vancouver’s Club Designs. 

Fels – Sirens

“Sirens” by Fels relies on drum and bass sonic movements, rushingly looping around a frame of inter-divergence and fading in and out from a circular, ghostly haze. The “Sirens” track is on the self-titled EP on Virtual Forest Records.

Lb Honne – Viaggio

The alluring and ethereal atmospheric mist of Lb Honne’s “Viaggio”, made by warm and iridescent hues, slowly manifests itself and kindly welcomes the spirit with a feature that is as absorbing as it is softening. That track is in the Present Future / Here There LP on Project Indigo.

Yama Music – Rail Roads

Pacifying with its deep percussive tremors and slow bass vibrations, Yama Music’s “Rail Roads” establishes a harmonically balanced sequence enriched by raw wobbles and sly distortions. “Rail Roads” is found on Yama Music’s self-released T.A.L.K EP.

Xuri – Moonlit Pagoda

Xuri’s “Moonlit Pagoda” is a peaceful walk in the shade of tall trees under the great full moon, having each step on the cobblestone path reflected as a delicate pounding while moving on xylophonic tones, as birds chirp and bells chime on the nocturnal wind. Xuri’s “Moonlit Pagoda” is taken from Serene Trails EP on Colectivo Casa Amarela.

Iesope Drift – ID2

Sharp-edged cuts and twisted poundings in Iesope Drift’s “ID2,” drawing near alongside melancholic low-key echoes, forming stimulating break patterns and disrupting flips. “ID2” is part of the five-track compilation Ferroviaire on Ante-Rasa.

Javier Salazar – Tides (Mohlao Remix)

A contrasting, spiritual, and unstoppable flow of slow-paced dubby rhythmicality is offered in Mohlao’s retake on Javier Salazar’s “Tides,” who implements a firm beat to the countless, formless, and shifting shades as they convey a mysterious tribal lightness. The remix is found on Salazar’s Tides EP on rdg tribe.

Amandra – Drakona

Amandra in “Drakona” perplexes magnetising percussive loops with mid-tone noisy scratches and screeches to conjure a head-low dancing tune, employing heavy-weight pumps for a dense yet hypnotic arrangement. “Drakona” is available on Danza Nativa’s upcoming fifth-anniversary compilation.

Manuel Fischer – Rehbinder Effect

Groovy and delicate touches on top of waves of electrifying suspensive currents emerge in Manuel Fischer’s “Rehbinder Effect,” providing a composition built on prismatic flows of electro outline and wobbling energy infusions. That track is from Manuel Fischer’s Rehbinder Effect LP on Ozelot’s Records.

Moisk – Orange Buttons

Quirky tribalistic infused tempo applies a fresh overlay on Moisk’s “Orange Buttons” synthetic foundation, maintaining the balance of fading acidic drips and jolting old-school circulations of an embracing futuristic vision. “Orange Buttons” is found on the Tetris Life 12” on Terra Magica Rec.

Stelios Vassiloudis – Dear Matthew

Slim and crafty dub articulations on Stelios Vassiloudis’ “Dear Matthew” unite with prolonged deep-techno dives under atmospheric drapes, reminiscing the euphoric, gentle wind on a starry night sky. “Dear Matthew” is one of the two tracks on One Man Down EP from Stelios Vassiloudis on Default Position.