Orb Premieres: June 2024

With the summer kicking in, we eagerly search for an opening to cool ourselves down. Meaning not only due to the high temperatures but also because summer is a season of relaxing opportunities. Those moments during the passing of the days, complemented by the clear and colourful horizons, are a perfect opportunity to catch up with the latest releases. While some tracks may provide a fitting soundtrack to pass the time, others can also provide a background for contemplative moments. Therefore, our Orb Premiere list for June amasses many quality components and compositions in its extension to cover both those aspects in a distinctive fashion. Those thirteen tracks hosted during that month have an evident setting in their core, as a whole, consisting of deep and comforting to uplifting and playful patterns.

Bleep – Mr Barth In The Sahara

Enveloped in the bright, trippy circulations and strophic vocal iterations, Bleep’s “Mr Barth In The Sahara” conditions the listener’s psyche to undress in an elevated psychedelic hype anagrammed over old-school sonic terrains. “Mr Barth In The Sahara” is found in Full Circle’s catalog in Kicking Dust: The Goa Way, A Full Circle Compilation.

Rethe – Tender Tension

Pumping with jolting force on its tremulous moves over heavy-bass rails, Rethe’s “Tender Tension” is a groovily stitched, pristine-sounding, and gritty techno extended in a dance-provoking volume. That track is from the I’m OK EP on Peace Tomorrow.

Sepian – Igneo

Sepian’s “Igneo” smothers with its deep percussive motif, which is extensively perfumed with atmospheric backups, merging the mysteriously organic locomotive arrangements with an awe-inspiring elemental spiral. “Igneo” is taken from the Igneo EP on Spira Records.


With a formidable, slow-paced, and forward-thinking approach to his productive skills, JIMAN steps on “3D” to further evolve his electronic formations under broken-like patterns, magnetic wobbles, and diligent padding, upholding an immersive ardor. “3D” is one of the seven tracks in the FORCES EP on Construct Re-Form.

ERIS – Serpente

The polished housey jolts employed by ERIS’ in “Serpente” etch an uplifting momentum on a sunset-colored sensational canvas, lucidly swaying with its freshness amidst labyrinthine synthetic circuits. “Serpente” is extracted from the Glimmers EP on Plexus 4.

Tuber – La Crudeza Del Tiempo

In Tuber’s “La Crudeza Del Tiempo” a prolonged and consistent pounding advances towards a lambent and comforting tone while surrounded by mid-tempo frequencies and laid-back synths that act as the stepping stones of its concentrated progression. That track is part of the Konstrukt 022 LP on Konstrukt’s catalog.

Yogg – Are You a Believer?

Following a rhythmical dissolution paradigm versed in obscurity, Yogg’s “Are You A Believer?” introduces a knotted drum work forcing its way on adversarial, stone-cold layers scratched by steep-cutting recurrence. The track is in the Exercise In Tragedy EP on Yogg’s imprint Polarized Future.

Pattrn – Sagrada Dysphoria

The melancholic bells in Pattrn’s “Sagrada Dysphoria” initiate the liberation of the subtly scattering organic forces through unwavering, spellbinding waves, entwined between a sense of relief and restlessness and gradually morphing its core to welcome high-pitched breaches. That one is from the Paradoxical Tranquility EP on Indefinite Pitch.

Essē – Clockwork

As the hypnotically reverberating, encircling loops generate an immense textural depth, Essē’s “Clockwork” bounces on the echoes and traverses through defiantly cerebral, shifting layers for an ensnaring centripetal effect. “Clockwork” is Essē’s newest single, released on Vuoto.

YYARD – San Astéria

The playful tribal tune found in YYARD’s “San Astéria” is sleekly merged with broken dubby pinches and notably harmonious threads, conjuring an unconsciously soothing mental gust within a smooth and airy sequence. That track is on YYARD’s San Astéria EP on QEONE.

Na Nich – Undersea Passageway

In Na Nich’s “Undersea Passageway,” a sedative celestial spark progressively filled with granular plethora initiates a robust percussive transmission, gracing the surroundings with an uplifting yet otherworldly aura and terminating with a trance-infused whale-voice loop. “Undersea Passageway” is taken from the What We Need EP on Fur:ther Sessions.

Diagram – Structure Of Thought (CTAFAD Remix)

Far into the future in the center of a neon-based metropolis, CTAFAD’s take on Diagram’s “Structure of Thought” captures with an effervescent zeal the ever-changing and buzzing urban utopia, enhanced and evolved by the confluence of colorful and prismatic sonic architecture. That remix is part of Diagram’s Structure Of Thought EP on Orbitando.

freq444 – Ride Extension

The fluttering cuts and throbbing beats steer freq444’s “Ride Extension” towards an intrinsically barrier-breaking sound approach, stripped of mood prompts and nurtured with boldly crumpled strings and intense mechanized rhythmicality. “Ride Extension” is taken from the Desolation EP on no•id.