Marco Shuttle returns to The Bunker New York with new EP

The Bunker New York presents the latest EP by Marco Shuttle titled The Moon Chant, hitting the stores on the 30th of November.

The Italian producer Marco Shuttle returns to The Bunker New York with his second release for the label, after first appearing with Fanfara back in 2014. The new three-track EP comes after “Marco was in Brooklyn to play an 8-hour set at The Bunker Limited earlier this year [where] he played some new demos that stuck out as something exceptional, even by his very high standards, and we knew we had his next record on The Bunker New York ready to go,” states the press release. The Moon Chant is Shuttle’s third release after Tropicalia EP on Donato Dozzy and Neel’s imprint Spazio Disponibile, and split release with Bambounou for the new Parisian label, Lavibe.

Listen to the clips below.

01. The Moon Chant (Chanting by Gabriella Vergilov)
02. Cyberia
03. Curve Pericolose