New label Lavibe announces debut release featuring Marco Shuttle and Bambounou

Marco Shuttle and Bambounou are debuting in French imprint Lavibe with a two-track EP, titled Sans Titre.

Founder and artistic director of the club and label Concrete in Paris, Brice Coudert, has started a new imprint called Lavibe. The label aims to support his passion towards deep techno. As an example serves the recent collaboration with Spazio Disponibile of which Concrete has been chosen among four other venues across Europe in which the Italian imprint showcased. Lavibe’s debut release Sans Titre flows as a natural process following these occurrences. The release features Eerie founder and Spazio Disponibile member Marco Shuttle, and French producer Bambounou. According to Lavibe, the release “sounds as deep as a wet jungle by night.”

Listen to the samples below.

01. Marco Shuttle – Tablharmonium
02. Bambounou – Handd