HAU Theater to host festival exploring Detroit and Berlin axis

Detroit – Berlin: One Circle, a four-day festival focusing on the relation and connection of the cities that shaped techno music will take place in Berlin from May 30 to June 2nd.

The festival hosted by HAU Hebbel am Ufer aims to explore the relationship of the cities of Detroit and Berlin, that are both responsible for the development and dissemination of techno music, through various events happening throughout the festival. Part of the festival’s programme will be many concerts, talks, performances, club nights and discussions. On its opening day there will be a discussion on how techno came to Europe and the Berlin-Detroit axis from past to present, with a panel consisting of prominent names from both Detroit and Berlin such as Mike Banks from Underground Resistance, Mark Ernestus, founder of the record-store Hard Wax and one half of Basic Channel, and Dimitri Hegemann, director of the Tresor Club.

A second discussion will put its emphasis on the importance of single radio shows, artist radios and web radios in today’s music culture. Beyond that, other events taking place during the festival include performances by Juan Atkins’ Model 500 project, Mark Taylor, Milton Baldwin & Gerald Brunson, Sun Ra reel-to-reel sessions with Mike Huckaby, Richard Zepezauer and Lakuti and a whole night dedicated to hip-hop with Miz Korona & The Korona Effect, Ché & DjStacyé J and AWA – African Women Arise.