Behringer reveals their upcoming clone

Behringer teases the Sequential Circuits Pro-One clone with an image of their prototype.

After releasing the Behringer Model D, the company continues producing its line of vintage analog synthesizer clones. As they revealed solid information that they plan on manufacturing their versions of Oberheim’s OB-Xa and Roland’s VP-330 Vocoder Plus, their latest surprise was a picture of a prototype clone of Sequential Circuits’s Pro-One, originally released in 1981.

The hardware design is similar to the original one, though it doesn’t have the mini keys and there seem to be 3.5 mm jacks assigned to it making it eurorack compatible. It features two VCO’s, 2 VCA’s, a 4 pole Low Pass filter and an interesting Modulation section.

Behringer hasn’t announced the price and the availability of the synth yet. After countless interventions in the analog synthesis world this year, the company also presented their own semi-modular synth, Neutron.

Behringer Sequential Circuits Pro-One