Behringer presents a new synthesizer

After countless interventions in the analog synthesis world, Behringer continues their line of production with Neutron. Rather than building a clone, this time they have come up with a unique synth on its own. To confirm this statement, they already have included the “Moffatt,” a completely new filter named after their design engineer Keith Moffatt.

The Neutron is a paraphonic semi-modular synth, with 5 types of oscillator waveforms with the possibility of both to be controlled independently. It has five LFO waves as well, two analog ADSR generators and even a multiple stage analog delay which is based on the legendary BBD (Bucket Bridge Delay) technology. The overdrive circuit adds that special analog warmth we all go for, giving your sound a dash of edginess. What’s to love is the 32in/24out jack matrix, giving you incredible patching options.

The Neutron will be available from April for $299.99.

Watch the promo video of Neutron below.