Orb Jam Series: spank.au

The first Orb Jam Series of the new year comes by modular synthesist Basti Pankau, better known as spank.au, with a UKG-inspired composition.

“My intention was to build a laid-back kind of ambient mood with mainly vocal samples, some dub bass but with busy, clicky percussion, and evolve it to a dance track simply by switching the drum and bass pattern but keeping the vibe of the first half.

The drums are provided by 2HP Kick&Snare, Akemies Taiko, Mutable Elements, ADDAC 103 T Networks, Elektron Analog Rytm MK1, and also the Squarp Rample which is processed by the Data Bender. The vocal samples come straight from Ableton with a little amount of random modulation and sequencing, processing through Output Portal and Max For Live Granulator. The Pads and Arp come from the PEAK and Erica Sample Drum. The bass from the one and only Moog Mother 32.

In this patch, I used Ableton as the Masterclock which is sequencing the Beatstep Pro, Analog Rytm, and Pam’s New Workout which is, on the other hand, the clock for Qu Bit Bloom, Varigate 4+, and the Mother 32 sequencer. The Robaux 3PT, Erica Pico RND, Instruo Ochd, and some Ableton Max Devices are taking care of the Modulation. The sound goes through the Tascam Model 24 with 2FX channels, one to Make Noise Mimeophon and another to Instru Abhar, straight to Ableton where it is processed with a minor Masterchain.” — spank.au