Orb Jam Series: Six Missing

Meditative Moments jam by Austin-based ambient producer Six Missing is the latest end-of-the-year offering of the Orb Jam Series.

“Oftentimes when I sit to begin writing, I start by just having a freeform improvisation like this where I allow my mind to quiet down and settle into the moment which allows me to just have fun. I find that giving myself this free time is a way in which I allow myself to be surprised. And when those surprises happen I can react to them without judgment—ushering in this new layer of performance—in essence a conversation between human and machine. The machine receives input from me and generates some new information back, and as that new information hits me I’m able to determine where it should or shouldn’t go from there. I try not to think at all during these types of sessions, then my editing brain comes in later in the process.

Music is extremely meditative and healing for me as I am truly and fully present, my thinking-egoic-mind finally settles down and my intuitive side activates. In this way, my anxiety lessens, my depression is held at bay, and my over-active mind softens—I am healing. Music as medicine is really how I see it. I love to share this type of music-medicine with as many people as possible in hopes they may find a small glimpse of peace as well.

The real magic starts in the eurorack for me with the SWN module stepping through plucky notes which builds the foundation for me to bring in the Qu-Bit Bloom module that gives me the motion I need. Feeding that through Make Noise QPAS adds depth and allows me to sculpt the sound. And of course, everything gets fed through the mighty Strymon Starlab. But none of this would be complete without my dearly beloved vintage Moog Minimoog. The Moog is an extension of me, it reaches straight into my soul and allows me to emote without any boundary. It’s pure emotion. It’s alive. I don’t know how they do it, absolute magic.

My music aims to transport the listener away from their busy mind and ease the stress of simply being human. Through this type of meditative music, I want to help us remember our truest form which is just…awareness. Relax into that feeling, for this is truly who you are, you just…are.”Six Missing