Orb Jam Series: Hainbach & Ah! Kosmos

The duo’s Orb Jam Series is an occasion to celebrate their debut album, Blast of Sirens, with a piece of emotive and subliminal transmissions.

“The piece started out with a groove we set up on the wall of test equipment. Sadly right before the session, one of the HP8006 Word Generators died, and Ah! Kosmos unit she brought with her would not sync. So we had to find creative ways to patch the nuclear monstrosity, and Ah! Kosmos played and changed rhythms on the fly. The droning tones from a 1950s Tektronix Modular Oscilloscope in the top row of the wall set the tone for the track – unrelenting, never stopping. I added a string chord from the Panoptigon optical disc instrument to lend it more harmonic context. A few sparse Fender Rhodes guide the listener through the track and some subliminal noises from the Crumar DS-2 run through scientific overtone synthesizer create a bit of psychedelia.” — Hainbach