Orb Jam Series: Florigenix

Exploring intimate, nature-inspired soundscapes in a meticulous Orb Jam Series session by Florigenix.

“Currently, I’m interested in creating intimate, nature-inspired textures. Textures that are melodic, harmonious and evoke microscopic landscapes and dreamlike, mysterious storylines, but carry a sense of frenzied-insect adventure as well as slow attention to detail.

I have patched my Eurorack Modular system in a way that is highly flexible and hands-on. I wanted to build an instrument that can adapt to whatever mood I’m expressing and combines syncopated rhythmic elements (mostly ALM Busy Circuits Squid sequenced with Squarp Hermod+) as well as multiple ways to sample and loop what I’m playing (Hermod+, Instruo Lubadh, Squid sample, and Monsoon (Mutable Instruments Clouds Clone). The OXI Coral is my main poly synth module and is my go-to for keyboard parts, but I also have a few different analog oscillators for drones, percussive hits and mono-synth duties. The whole setup packs into two small handheld wooden cases, and has been traveling in my van with me around Australia, where I put it to use in the natural environment.

The organic nature of field sounds is my primary influence, and in this recording, you will notice some water sounds I recorded down amongst some rocks at a local beach. For hands-on control of many elements of this setup, I’m utilizing both an Arturia Keystep 37, and a Michigan Synth works f8r fader module, which I manipulate in real-time throughout the performance.” — Florigenix