Tbilisi’s Bassiani fears threat of shutting down following recent events

Bassiani nightclub claims that it is “facing a threat of closing down” following the last weekend’s police raids.

The unexpected raid by the police is a result of Georgia’s authorities claiming and linking five recent related drug-deaths to Bassiani, ignoring the fact that none of the fatalities happened on the club’s premises. The incident resulted in an immediate rave protest, gathering over 10.000 citizens just outside of the Parliament of Georgia. The Minister Of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia, addressed an apology relating the occurrence and assured to change Georgia’s severe drug strategies.

On Friday, Bassiani made a different statement via official Facebook, claiming that the nightclub faces the threat of closure even though different agreements have been made. “Despite the negotiations, none of the agreed conditions have been fulfilled. The club is still closed and we have already met the first Friday without BASSIANI.”

The incident’s slogan became “We Dance Together, We Fight Together,” and numerous artists and producers socialised with the recent event through a video. A donation fund has been raised with the intention to raise a solid ground of “a legal battle and stop the state oppression.”

Watch a short video from Tbilisi’s club community protest in front of Parliament of Georgia below.