Ryoji Ikeda to showcase new exhibition in Paris

Japanese composer and sound artist Ryoji Ikeda will unveil a new audio-visual exhibition called Continuum, held at Galerie 3 – Centre Pompidou in Paris, from 15th of June to 27th of August.

Continuum reveals a new installation including two rooms, where the black and the white room divide “the space into two opposing and complementary worlds.” On one of the sides, the producer created a “meta-composition,” a visual data and a vertiginous mix of sound that are abstract according to mathematical laws. The other side has sound installations consisting of huge loudspeakers, where guests can listen and enjoy the performance throughout the venue’s circuit. “His creations invite listeners to experience immersion in a world mingling sound, image, space, perceptive phenomena and mathematical equations.”

You can find more information about the exhibition here.