New label One Instrument is launching featuring Korridor and Claudio PRC

The new imprint One Instrument founded by Grand River is different from the ones we know of, the artist’s task being to record one track with a single instrument chosen by the artist himself. One instrument will release its first official compilation One Instrument Volume 01 on April 6th.

One Instrument’s key goal is to stay inside the lines of ambient, techno and experimental music, expected from artists to explore more but in a way also limit them. The new project will open doors for all the producers taking part, thus learning further and taking the most out of the single instrument chosen by them.

The forthcoming label’s very first compilation will be titled One Instrument Volume 01, challenging influential producers like the Scandinavian artist Korridor, Claudio PRC, Yair Elazar Glotman, Wanderwelle, Fjäder, Serena Butler, In Bloom, and Yhdessa (Grand River and Enrica Falqui). The compilation will land on vinyl on 6th of April, followed by the digital format two weeks after.

Listen to the samples at Juno.

A1. In Bloom – Korg DS-8
A2. Korridor – Orgon Systems Enigiser
A3. Serena Butler – Korg Polysix
A4. Yhdessa – Waldorf Micro Q
B1. Yair Elazar Glotman – Contrabass
B2. Fjäder – Korg MS-20 Mini
B3. Claudio PRC – Rucci Minimal Drone
B4. Wanderwelle – Roland Juno-106