Mutable Instruments introduces brand new module

Eurorack manufacturer Mutable Instruments presents a new module, Marbles.

The module offers a broad range of voltage control in each section of randomness and chaos it can produce. Thoroughly it “gives the musician many different ways of imposing structure on the random events generated by the module: synchronization to external clocks, control of the repetition or novelty of the generated material, quantization of the voltages, or randomization of gates or voltages generated by traditional sequencers.”

Marbles offers a 2-channel random rhythm generation which works based on different processes found on different Mutable Instruments modules, 3 channels of random voltages that enable the user to have control over the distribution of output voltages, and Déjà vu, a unique way to reuse material sampled in the past.

Mutable Instruments Marbles will be available this week for €299.

Watch an overview of Marbles below.