Haruki Murakami to donate vinyl collection to Tokyo’s Waseda University

The acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami is donating his record collection, original manuscripts and other materials to Tokyo’s Waseda University.

For his first news conference in Japan in 37 years, according to The Japan Times, Novelist Haruki Murakami says that the donation “is a very important thing for me, so I thought I should explain clearly. I don’t have any children, and it would cause trouble for me if those materials became scattered or lost.” “I couldn’t be happier if (the center) will help those who want to study my works. I hope it will be something that promotes cultural exchange,” Murakami said.

His collection is made up of approximately 10,000 records, mostly jazz music, including copies of his books translated and published in other countries. From the donated materials of Murakami, the university in Tokyo is aiming to set up an international study center featuring the author’s works. The plans are also to create a space that will resemble a study room with music records and bookshelves.