Google releases DIY interface controller for its Artificial Intelligence synthesizer

Magenta research group has been working closely with Google’s Brain team to utilise machine technology in creating art and music. As supercomputers become more advanced, so do their abilities to learn and comprehend more data including different tones and sounds. Working with algorithms generated by the deep mind neural network, the system is able to compose songs among other art forms like images and 3D materials.

The instrument is open source with features similar to other such projects such as the AI Duet created by the same team where a virtual pianist can improvise alongside a human pianist in real time. After the instrument was created and made available online by Magenta, another company funded by Google called Creative Lab designed the hardware device in the form of a touch screen X-Y pad called NSynth Super. This allows for better user control and experimentation through various controllers like DAWs, sequencers or keyboards.

The only catch here is that NSynth is a DIY project which you can put together using the source code, designs and templates provided on GitHub. This means it’s not available to buy but requires assembling the interface with different customizable features.

Watch a video making music with NSynth Super below.