Erica Synths introduce Techno Drum System

Latvian company Eric Synths introduce Techno Drum System, a eurorack modular system with 15 different modules, at Superbooth this year.

The company consisting of creative visionaries, musicians and engineers, Erica Synths, always seeks to manufacture innovative and unique instruments when it comes to design, built and solving problems that are not addressed yet. In this edition of Superbooth, they introduced the Techno Drum System, a modular system made of 15 different modules brought together for a compact music making machine. The makers have included modules for kicks, hats and cymbals, toms, bass, effects, sampling, 909 style sequencing, mixing and for basslines as well.

Price and availability are yet to be disclosed.

Watch the Sonic State video for the Techno Drum System below.