Dreadbox launches Lil’ Erebus

Dreabox launches paraphonic analog synthesizer Lil’ Erebus as DIY eurorack or as a standalone version.

Taking the name after the previous successor Erebus, Dreadbox launches Lil’ Erebus, a smaller version of the iconic paraphonic synth made by the Greek company. You can get the instrument as DIY eurorack modular kit or the standalone version as well.

The synth features 2 Oscillators, a 2-Pole Low Pass Filter, a 3 Segment Envelope Generator (ADS), a Voltage Controlled Delay, and a Voltage Controlled LFO. It has 16 Patching Points and its size is 42HP in the eurorack format, ready to suit your modular case.

The price is listed from €158 to €200 depending on which version you choose.

Watch a demo of the synth below.