Brian Eno presents previously unreleased track “Kazakhstan”

Brian Eno earlier this year announced the release of Music For Installations, a collection of his rare and unreleased music, set for release via UMC, on May 4th.

“Kazakhstan” is an ambient track, part of the previously unreleased material from Music For Installations disc, and takes its name from the country where it premiered in 2017, at the Asif Khan-designed installation “We Are Energy” in the UK Pavilion. The eminent producer Brian Eno is best known for his significant contribution in ambient music, various experiments in different music genres and also for many collaborations throughout his prolific career, including the likes of David Byrne, David Bowie, Slowdive, Grace Jones, and many more. He has created installations combining artworks and sound that have shown across the world since 1979. Music For Installations consists of unreleased, rare and new music from Eno composed for art installations.

Listen to “Kazakhstan” below.