Brian Eno announces Music For Installations box set

Brian Eno has presented his new music box set, Music For Installations, a collection of his rare and unreleased music, via UMC, on May 4th, 2018.

Collecting all his accomplishments and releases into a single special box set, the English composer and producer has shaped a record that covers material produced by him since 1986. The new collection is available in a 6xCD or 9xLP, generally containing tracks and art video installations of which never made it to vinyl or official releases. Now all tracks will end up on vinyl, including some of the artist’s highlights, similar installations like the one held in Marble Palace, Saint Petersburg and the Sydney Opera House. Furthermore, the box contains a book with unseen photographs taken by the artist and also a new essay written by him.

Brian Eno Music For Installations

Music From Installations
01. Kazakhstan
02. The Ritan Bells
03. Five Light Paintings
04. Flower Bells

77 Million Paintings
01. 77 Million Paintings

Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace
01. Atmospheric Lightness
02. Chamber Lightness

I Dormienti / Kite Stories
01. I Dormienti
02. Kites I
03. Kites II
04. Kites III

Making Space
01. Needle Click
02. Light Legs
03. Flora And Fauna / Gleise 581d
04. New Moons
05. Vanadium
06. All The Stars Were Out
07. Hopeful Timean Intersect
08. World Without Wind
09. Delightful Universe (Seen From Above)

Music For Future Installations
01. Unnoticed Planet
02. Liquidambar
03. Sour Evening (Complex Heaven 3)
04. Surbahar Sleeping Music