Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers team up for an audiovisual installation

Brian Eno and long-time partner Peter Chilvers have collaborated on Bloom: Open Space, an audiovisual installation described as “mixed reality,” opening at Transformatorhuis in Amsterdam, from February 21st until 25th, 2018.

Bloom: Open Space is an audiovisual instalment based on Eno and Chilvers’ music application Bloom, created a decade ago by the two producers. Bloom was co-built with the multinational technology company Microsoft, using the company’s HoloLens smartglasses, making it possible to see the music in a “mixed reality environment.” In the exhibition, it is said that all visitors will be able to step into a central zone of walled screens, where they can physically engage Bloom by creating patterns and unique melodies themselves.

Watch the preview video of Bloom: Open Space below.