Black Corporation announces new synth, KIJIMI

Black Corporation announces KIJIMI, a recreation of the unique RSF Polykobol II, an eight-voice poly synthesizer to be presented on this edition of Superbooth.

After the iconic recreation of the Yamaha CS-80, Deckard’s Dream, Black Corporation continues their line of recreating rare polyphonic synthesizers. KIJIMI is an 8-voice analog synthesizer that will feature two oscillators (CEM 3340) with waveshapers, two filters (SSM2240) and two LFO’s, with included AD envelopes to adjust their modulation. They also added a new sub-oscillator to the machine, a small OLED screen as it’s successful predecessor, and comes in the same 19-inch format.

The synth will be available pre-made and in DIY format, later this year.