Behringer reveal news for their eurorack debut

Germany based Behringer disclose news about their upcoming gear in the eurorack world.

The company had previously announced their plan on entering the modular synth industry, and now they disclosed their 13 concepts of cloned modules inspired by the Roland System 100m. Uli Behringer, the head of the company stated that the company had a lot of requests to revive this specific modular system by Roland.

He also mentioned that the concepts for all the modules have not passed into production since they are still on the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) process before getting handed on the R&D which is responsible for manufacturing, stating that the making for all the thirteen clones is still unsettled because built for every module is important to achieve a certain production volume for the costumers.

The head of the company also invites small companies/creators/innovators to collaborate into module making, expressing the company’s will to collaborate with them by sharing ideas and inventions, therefore, joining a larger supply-chain than they are capable of at the moment.

See the concept images of 13 potential modules posted by Uli Behringer here.