Axios Records debuts Ancient Sacred Knowledge compilation

The new record label Axios Records will be releasing its very first CD, debuting a compilation titled Ancient Sacred Knowledge, landing on February 3rd, 2018.

Axios Records is a record label founded by DJ and producer better known by his stage name B.E.N, the first compilation of which was selecting artists himself. According to the press release, the nine-track compilation comes after years of work and preparations, inviting prominent psychedelic producers like Tengri, Avaris, Atriohm, Master Margherita, Yudhisthira, Androcell, and Vedanta, a collaborative project between Yudhisthira and B.E.N. The Ancient Sacred Knowledge psychedelic chill out compilation has deep vibes to offer, giving you chills coming out of this world.

The new label is open to creating a network of artists, sharing a common idea on improving and exploring psychedelic trance music “through taking the main focus in promoting quality releases, acts, and events.”

Listen to the samples below.

01. Tengri – Ancient Knowlege
02. Avaris – Transmission
03. Atriohm – The Infinite Now
04. Master Margherita – Persia (Tengri Rmx)
05. Avaris – Coyote’s Wisdom
06. Yudhisthira – Next Destination (Reincarnated)
07. Vedanta – Akashic Connection
08. Yudhisthira – Echoes Of The Ancients
09. Androcell – Sacred Knowledge