World’s largest synth collection launches Kickstarter campaign to build public studio

The Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music Instruments, the world’s most extensive collection of synthesizers and music instruments, is on the course of building a public studio.

Equipped with above 1,000 different synthesizers and 5,000 other devices like drum machines and effects, SMEM is a former beer factory in the Swiss university city of Fribourg which is aspiring to turn into a recreational playground dedicated to “learning about, playing with, and sharing the incredible history of electronic music instruments.”

This immense collection of more than 70 years of technology encourages musicians to come and explore the synth venue which will host workshops, lectures, classes and annual memberships and book for private recording sessions. The Legowelt describes it as “pretty much like that ending scene of Indiana Jones with the giant hall for relics but with synths.”

Learn more about the campaign on Kickstarter.

Watch the Kickstarter video below.