Warp Records is releasing four Autechre NTS sessions

Warp Records is releasing NTS Sessions 1-4 by Autechre on August 24th.

Earlier this year the iconic British duo Autechre have produced 8-hour sessions for NTS radio. Each of the sessions have been recorded and are due to be released by Warp Records this August. The sessions will be available individually as a triple vinyl record and digital formats or as a single 12-vinyl boxset or eight-CD package. The music in the sessions have a more advanced sound design and chaotic approach in comparison to their very early material but are similar to the recently released elseq 1-5.

Autechre - NTS Sessions 1-4 - Orb Mag

01. t1a1
02. bqbqbq
03. debris_funk
04. I3 ctrl
05. carefree counter dronal
06. north spiral
07. gonk steady one
08. four of seven
09. 32a_reflected