Unheard material from Drexciya’s James Stinson out via Clone Records

Clone Records’ Aqualung Series offshoot has unveiled Drexciya’s member James Stinson’s EP, titled A Moment Of Insanity.

The new release by Stinson is out on Clone Records under the pseudonym Transllusion, an alias which the Detroit producer used on his early 2000 releases. The four-track EP is taken from “a recently discovered DAT tape comprising the third and final Transllusion sessions, which contained no identifying info other than the title.” This is not the label’s first release with James Stinson. Since 2009, the Clone’s Aqualung Series has been outputting Drexciya’s work, last year releasing a rare EP by Stinson as Jack Peoples, titled Laptop Café.

Listen to the previews below.

01. Moment 1
02. Moment 2
03. Moment 3
04. Moment 4