TM404 and Echologist team up for new EP

TM404 and Echologist have paired up for a new EP titled Infiltrated, via Kynant Records. The EP will land on the 22nd of June.

Previously having collaborated and released Bass Desires via Berlin-based Kynant Records, Andreas Tilliander (TM404) and Brendon Moeller (Echologist) once again team up for Infiltrated EP. The artists have prepared three tracks for the EP, and a VRIL remix is included as well. The ambience in the release is gloomy and fogy, always with hints of dub, an influence which stands out in all the productions of the featured artists.

Listen to the samples below and Brendon Moeller’s mix for Orb Mag podcast series.

A1. Industry
A2. Adjustments
B1. Adjustments (VRIL Remix)
B2. Infiltrated