Tikita to release new Neel & natural/electronic.system. EP, Sinergia

Neel and natural/electronic.system. pair for a four-track EP titled Sinergia, released by Moroccan label Tikita on the 3rd of June.

Following the preceding release by Dorsiburg and Efraim Kent, the Italian duo natural/electronic.systems. return to Tikita, only this time pairing with fellow Italian artist Neel, who is debuting on the label. The tracks have a deep and driving sense to them, matching the label’s focus on their “Body & Mind music” concept. Sinergia will be landing on the 13th of June this year, distributed in a 12” format as well as in digital formats.

Listen to the samples below.

A1. Mira
A2. Gracida
B1. Sinistra
B2. Percussiva