Terekke presents latest LP via Music From Memory

Music From Memory has presented Matt Gardner AKA Terekke’s latest 12-inch LP, titled Improvisational Loops, out in March.

Following Terekke’s previously issued album last month—Plant Age via L.I.E.S. Records, the new LP marks the producer’s first release outside L.I.E.S, recording his first album published on behalf of Music From Memory label. The eight-track album is exclusive, one track being lent by Terekke himself from his self-released EP in 2015, whereas all the other tracks are fresh and unheard before.

The experimental yet ambient album is said to have delightful daydream tempos, adding a little bit of calmness and spirituality in Terekke’s followers routine, “The recording of Improvisational Loops began in 2012 during yoga classes At Body Actualized Center in NYC. In the spirit of past “New Age” or Minimal music, it aims to open up a space within the room giving the listener to explore inward and outward. It was recorded using a digital synthesizer, reverb and looper.”

Stream the album below.


A1. another
A2. NuWav2
B1. wav1
B2. ambien
B3. arrpfaded
B4. soft g
B5. 220+g
B6. l8r h8r