Sunn O))) reissue White1 and White2 albums

Drone duo Sunn O))) are reissuing their previous classic albums White1 and White2, originally released in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Greg Anderson’s Southern Lord Records has been a home for many cult bands such as Electric Wizard, Sleep, Om, and Earth. For their 20th anniversary, Southern Lord Records are reissuing White1 and White2 albums by Sunn O))). The albums were first started as acoustic ones, but when later recording in Oregon’s Fontanelle’s Magnetic Park studios, they took a more experimental and psychedelic approach. The newly reissued versions are re-processed with a better low-end and an overall improvement to the clarity and depth of sound. The reissues will be available in a 180 gram vinyl with a large format poster of portraits by the artists.

Sunn O))) - White1 - Orb Mag

Sunn O))) - White2 - Orb Mag

01. My Wall
02. The Gates Of Ballard
03. A Shaving Of The Horn That Speared You

01. Hell-O)))-Ween
02. BassAliens
03. Decay2 [Nihil’s Maw]