Spazio Disponibile announces second EP by Crossing Avenue

Spazio Disponibile has revealed Crossing Avenue’s latest 12-inch EP, titled Avantieri, hitting the stores on March 12th, 2018.

After a year’s break of releasing their debut EP Malandra via Donato Dozzy and Neel’s imprint Spazio Disponibile, Crossing Avenue AKA Andrea La Bombarda and Andrea Montrone have returned to the Italian label for the second time, with their latest EP called Avantieri. The new EP by the Italian techno duo is experimental, with tracks varying from mind melting grooves to dynamic wonky jingles—the opening track “Laguna” and “Lyra” loaning you an ear for the underwater worlds. The five-tracker ends with dark sensations, the last track “Mekong” taking you all over the place with “paranoid voices” and strongly emphasised synths.

The Italian techno pair is slightly new to the techno scene, releasing their all-time second EP on behalf of Spazio Disponibile imprint. The long-awaited EP will land on March 12, available on vinyl.

Listen to the samples of Avantieri below.

A1. Laguna
A2. Ortica
B1. Lyra
B2. Vilipendio
B3. Mekong