Spanish festival Mira returns to Berlin for their second edition

Digital arts festival Mira is holding its second edition in Berlin at Funkhaus from 5th till 6th of May.

First, Mira started in Barcelona back in 2011 and continued there annually until 2016 when they transferred to Berlin, and this year they are back for the second time. Focusing on new trends in the digital culture, the festival’s program is always accompanied by audiovisual shows, digital art installations, 3D sound shows, fulldome screenings, conferences, presentations and workshops.

MONOM—the state of the art spatial sound venue will host different live shows from Eomac and WaqWaq Kingdom, sound installations by Croatian Amor and Thomas Ankersmit, and will include pieces by Murcof, Peter Van Hoesen, John Connell, Maxime Gordon, Koenraad Ecker, and more as part of Mira’s program. Paul Oomen, founder of 4DSOUND, will curate an exhibition with a retrospective on the last five years dedicated to spatial sound, carefully selecting from 4DSOUND’s catalogue of productions in the medium.

The festivals educational aspect is focusing on technology, art and social debate. The theme for this year’s conference program is “Emotion, Diversity and Social Change.” Seeking change in points of view and creating new ways of thinking through artistic practices and technology usage is the main theme for this year’s edition of Mira.

The event also includes live performances and DJ sets by many renown artists such as Aïsha Devi live A/V (world premiere), Espinoza Modular live A/V, Forest Swords live A/V, Laurel Halo, Lorenzo Senni, Yves Tumor, Black Merlin, Christian Len, DJohnston, Inga Mauer, Lux, and Vladimir Ivkovic among others.

Tickets and more information about the festival are available here.