Sonic Loom to release debut album by Tromo

Sonic Loom presents Yiannis Stilianidis AKA Tromo debut album, Harmonies Of Randomness, landing on March 9th, 2018.

The Greek collective and label Sonic Loom, known for establishing the sound of the new generation of Greek producers, has once more showcased their unique sound and vision—this time with Harmonies Of Randomness, the debut album of Tromo. The album is dominated by deep and powerful grooves accompanied with cosmic and night-time psychedelic palette, creating a serious ride throughout the album, which best illustrates the blueprint of Sonic Loom collective.

Listen to the samples below.

01. Tachyon
02. Shakti Mantra
03. Sorcerer’s Cat
04. Navel Of The Earth
05. All Is A Lie
06. DigiTroll
07. Harmonies Of Randomness
08. Enuma Elis
09. Night Tales
10. Kali’s Temple