Shipwrec announces debut ambient album by Plant43

Electro focused label Shipwrec is releasing Plant43 ambient album named From Deep Streams. The vinyl version of the album will be out on the 11th of June, whereas the digital format on the 25th.

Emile Facey AKA Plant43 is known for his contribution in many renown labels such as Semantica, Central Processing Unit and Ai Records. The British producer is releasing his first ambient album via Dutch imprint Shipwrec, a platform which previously released an album and EP by him. His productions are highly percussive and driving electro in the front, mixed with a certain gentleness and ambience in the back, which implies that From Deep Streams comes as no surprise. The whole album has a cosmic and retro sci-fi movie feel to it. Inside you will listen to carefully produced sequences and pads which provide comfort and ease for the listener.

Listen to the samples below.

A1. Sea of Stardust
A2. Banished Voices
B1. Roots Grow Deeper
B2. Soft Twilight Field