Shifted’s label Avian to release Desroi’s new EP

Avian, the label run by Shifted, has announced their newest release and simultaneously Desroi’s debut on the label titled Dwell In Motion, due out on 18th of June.

The German producer’s five-track EP is focused on “drawing out pleasing textures and subtle rhythmic anomalies via intricate use of delay and reverb.” On his debut on Avian, Desroi continues to deliver dark and energetic techno, just like in his previous releases out via Total Black and Manhigh. “Like much of the best work on the label, the music has a DIY quality that belies its complexity, but at the same time lends to its undoubted effectiveness.”

Listen to the samples below.

Desroi - Dwell In Motion
A1. Naive
A2. Lines Of Sight
A3. Birth
B1. Glimpse Of Bliss
B2. Dwell In Motion