Samuel Kerridge announces new release, The I is Nothing

Samuel Kerridge is releasing his fourth EP on Downwards titled The I is Nothing, available on the 1st of June.

The UK techno/noise producer has released on Blueprint, Horizontal Ground and own imprint Contort, which also is established as an event series by the artist. Not to forget his main collaboration with renown Downwards label, in which he released three EPs and two full-length albums. Known for merging powerful soundscapes with non-conventional beats into his tracks, “Silent Notes” from The I is Nothing has no compromise or boundary to the way it’s written, leaning towards the edgy approach to techno by the UK artist.

NTS radio is collaborating with Downwards, choosing a secret location for a performance honouring the imprints 25th year of establishment in the electronic music scene. Samuel Kerridge, JK Flesh and Regis will play live for this event. Register for the event here.

Listen to “Silent Notes” taken from The I is Nothing EP below.

A1. Silent Notes
A2. Fascination Sustain
B1. Propagates Of Desire (feat. Aaron Turner)
B2. Actuality Repeats