Raster reveals new compilation series, SICHTEN

Raster is launching their new compilation series titled SICHTEN, focused on presenting out-of-the-radar experimental music to the audiences.

Raster—a name which is known for their distinct sound and aesthetic in the electronic music scene—are preparing their upcoming compilation series which seeks to introduce unconventional and experimental electronic music to the audiences. Raster founder Frank Bretschneider has finished the first compilation from the series, titled SICHTEN 1. 18 tracks were collected, in which six new artists have contributed to the label. The new names are Zavoloka, Mimicof, Retina.it, Pierce Warnecke, Benjamin Brunn and Mads Emil Nielsen.

Listen to Benjamin Brunn’s “Joy” below.

Raster - SICHTEN 1 - Orb Mag
01. Zavoloka – Transmutatsia
02. Mimicof – Love Control feat. Hprizm
03. Benjamin Brunn – Joy
04. Retina.it – Horses
05. Mads E. Nielsen – Unfold
06. Mads E. Nielsen – Unt. Percussion Loop
07. Mimicof – Spark
08. Pierce Warnecke – Bogusstratagem
09. Mads E. Nielsen – Circles
10. Zavoloka – Inflame
11. Retina.it – Rodeo
12. Retina.it – Gauchos
13. Benjamin Brunn – Alloy
14. Pierce Warnecke – Shiftform
15. Pierce Warnecke – Hddxenoglossy
16. Mads E. Nielsen – Framework 12
17. Mimicof – Cycle
18. Benjamin Brunn – Coy

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