Paral•lel Festival to use cryptocurrencies for 2018 edition

Paral•lel made it possible for the first time for their audience to use cryptocurrencies to buy festival tickets, food, drinks and merchandise throughout the three days of the festival.

After announcing the second wave of the lineup, the festival offers something new for their crowd, this time the possibility to use cryptocurrencies for festival purchases. Paral•lel Festival seeks to contribute to the growth of cryptocurrencies supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for usage this edition. They also seek to facilitate purchases of their foreign audience coming from Europe, Japan, USA and Australia, making everything faster and with no existing commissions for them.

The third edition of Paral•lel will be held between the 31st of August and the 2nd of September this year. A total of approximately 35 hours with seven out of the final fourteen artists confirmed to the date.

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