Paral•lel Festival announces the first wave of artists for 2018

Paral•lel Festival has revealed the first names of this year’s edition, happening near Barcelona – Berguedà, Spain, from 31st of August to September 2nd, 2018.

Paral•lel has been promoting unique artists and challenging conventional musical paradigms since its inception two years ago, by bringing artists known for their experimental styles and sounds. For three days on the stage, the performing artists are tasked with creating a fluid progression by weaving their performances organically for a well-balanced event. The first artists to be showcased in this edition are Dasha Rush, Forest Drive West, Valentino Mora, and the Italian duo natural/electronic.system.. Further information and performing artists are yet to be revealed in the near future.

The upcoming edition of Paral•lel Festival has much excitement and high expectations upon its shoulders, last year inviting to the festival numerous remarkable producers, including Function, Polar Inertia, Dorisburg, Steve Bicknell, Neel, and Architectural, among many others.