Ostgut Ton marks new album by Martyn

Ostgut Ton has presented Martijn Deijkers AKA Martyn’s latest album titled Voids, out on June 22nd.

Releasing his previous album by late last year, GL Outtakes, via own 3024 imprint, the Dutch-born US-based producer has marked his next album on behalf of Ostgut Ton. The new release is said to be a stand out from the previous materials, featuring no collaborations and guest appearances throughout the whole nine-tracker. Voids is meant to be musically “stripped down to the essentials,” split down between two foundations of which Deijkers is best recognised for, UK garage and post-dubstep. With the new album, Martyn also worked on personal trauma. Following recent events, the artist suffered a heart attack and also lost good friend and fellow producer Marcus Intalex AKA Trevino, to whom the track “Manchester” is dedicated. Overall, the release is roughly dusky, filled with elements of “Nyabinghi, drum n’ bass, and gqom to form snarling, bass-driven hybrids.”

Listen to “Manchester” below.

01. Voids One
02. Manchester
03. Mind Rain
04. Nya
05. Why
06. Try To Love You
07. Cutting Tone
08. World Gate
09. Voids Two