Oscar Mulero, Reeko and Exium team up for collaborative project on PoleGroup

Spanish label PoleGroup has unveiled the imprint’s 50th release by founder Mulero and affiliates Reeko and Exium as Selección Natural.

Celebrating the 50th output, PoleGroup has presented the new collaborative project by Oscar Mulero, Exium and Reeko, the three producers arranging a “special menu” under the pseudonym Selección Natural. “All tracks have been made in common, each of the label foundational members have worked on their own sound parts that in a second process have been assigned randomly to others to work on them, in a creation loop that somehow represented the true essence of the label.” The trio has prepared 14 tracks for Selección Natural, divided into three parts: PoleGroup 50, consisting an 8-track double vinyl, PoleGroup 50.2, a single 12’’ including four tracks, and PoleGroup 50.1 a digital exclusive with two tracks. PoleGroup 50 will be out on 25th of May, whereas the other two releases are expected later this year.

Listen to the samples at Deejay.

PoleGroup 50
01. Expression Gnt
02. Molecular Genetics
03. Hox Genes
04. Biological Fitness
05. Random Mutations
06. Genotype
07. Geometric Animal
08. Evolution

PoleGroup 50.1 (Digital Exclusive)
01. Negative Selection
02. Struggle for Existence

PoleGroup 50.2
01. Necton
02. Prokaryotic
03. Replicant Isolation
04. Transmutation