Northern Electronics to release Korridor’s debut album

Northern Electronics is releasing Korridor’s first album titled End of Cycle.

Fabian Kempe has released music with his Korridor alias in various records labels such as Semantica Records, Hypnus Records, own imprint Tornet, Nordanvind Records and more. He is also affiliated with the Swedish imprint Northern Electronics, which is releasing his debut album. The artist has used a “breadth of expression to a wide palette of mesmerizing and intense fit-outs that corrode and fortify in equal measure.” End of Cycle LP draws inspiration from the artist’s personal set of experiences in his lifetime, and also marks his first album with the Korridor moniker.

Listen to the previews at Clone.

01. Opening
02. Integration
03. Fundamental
04. Walking in Fields
05. The Fall
06. Accident, I’m on The Ground
07. Now or Never
08. Eventually We Will See The Beginning Again