Neel returns to Token with new EP

Giuseppe Tillieci AKA Neel has marked his latest EP, Transition, on behalf of Token, due out on September 7th.

Returning to Token after 2017’s EP Calcata, the Italian producer Tillieci has presented his next release titled Transition, which will land on the Belgian imprint by early next month. The four-tracker is recorded in one take, fueled with deep continuance of dusky yet bouncy flow, where the first track “Afnio” comes in gently, gradually twisting through moods into something for the late hours. “Renio’s” deep spiraling somehow cascades upwards beyond the smooth transitions of the bass. “Osmio” showcases granulated percussion and tasteful discord, while “Vanadio” hypnotizes with an infinite-seeming yet perfectly positioned high-end wail.”

Listen to clips of Transition below.

A1 Afnio
A2 Renio
B1 Osmio
B2 Vanadio