Mysterious Gerald Donald project to be released via Metaphysik

Gerald Donald’s mysterious project Black Replica is getting a physical pressing for the first time via Metaphysik.

Drexciya’s founder Gerald Donald appeared on Myspace with mysterious project Black Replica back in 2006. The page featured four tracks and two videos. With the anonymous vocals and occult-like appearance not much is known about the collaborative project. According to Drexciya Research Lab, the group toured back in 2007, then again posted two more tracks in 2009 on the Myspace page. German imprint Metaphysik hasn’t specified the release date or exact format of the release yet.

01. Spider Theory
02. Black Feathers
03. Replicant Vestiges
04. Nether Realms
05. Twilight Pupil
06. Mathematical Auge
07. Ephemeral